Michels­berg Wiesbaden

Memo­ri­al for the mur­de­red Jews of Wiesbaden

Sin­ce the dedi­ca­ti­on of the Memo­ri­al for the Mur­de­red Jews of Wies­ba­den in 2011, ongo­ing rese­arch has iden­ti­fied other peo­p­le who were mur­de­red in the Sho­ah and who have a bio­gra­phi­cal con­nec­tion to Wiesbaden.
The addi­ti­on of the­se names to the memo­ri­al site in 2023 prompt­ed the Wies­ba­den Jewish com­mu­ni­ty to pre­sent infor­ma­ti­on online about the crea­ti­on of the memo­ri­al site at Michelsberg.

In addi­ti­on, all pre­vious­ly rese­ar­ched names of Wies­ba­den vic­tims of the Sho­ah are now available online for the first time.

A holi­stic pic­tu­re emer­ges of Jewish life in Wies­ba­den from its ear­ly begin­nings until the Sho­ah; then the re-estab­­lish­­ment of the Jewish com­mu­ni­ty in Wies­ba­den and onto the flou­ris­hing com­mu­ni­ty here today.
The basis of this web­site is the docu­men­ta­ti­on published by Wiesbaden’s urban deve­lo­p­ment agen­cy, the SEG (Stadt­ent­wick­lungs­ge­sell­schaft) in 2011 on the occa­si­on of the dedi­ca­ti­on of the memorial.

The Jewish com­mu­ni­ty Wies­ba­den would like to thank ever­yo­ne who con­tri­bu­ted to the crea­ti­on of the home­page, the mem­bers invol­ved and the cul­tu­ral office/city archi­ve Wiesbaden.

Infor­ma­ti­on about the memo­ri­al at Michels­berg in Wiesbaden

The memo­ri­al is admi­nis­te­red by the Cul­tu­ral Office/City Archi­ve Wiesbaden.
Kulturamt/Stadtarchiv Wiesbaden
Im Rad 42, 65197 Wiesbaden

Fur­ther infor­ma­ti­on on the Memo­ri­al for the Mur­de­red Jews of Wies­ba­den, can also be found in Ger­man at www.wiesbaden.de/erinnerungsorte


Board and management

Michelsberg Wiesbaden, Gedenkstätte

Name rib­bon
(Illus­tra­ti­on: Jewish Com­mu­ni­ty Wies­ba­den. Pho­to­grapher: Igor Eisenschtat)

Gert-Uwe Mende, Michelsberg Wiesbaden

Many gaps remain

Gree­ting by Lord Mayor Gert-Uwe Mende

Michelsberg Wiesbaden

The lost beco­mes recognizable

Gree­ting by the mem­ber of the board of the Jewish Com­mu­ni­ty Wiesbaden

Dr. Jacob Gutmark, Michelsberg Wiesbaden

“He who does not face his own past, lacks the future.”

Gree­ting by for­mer Lord Mayor Dr. Hel­mut Müller

Der Stolz des jüdischen Bürgertums: die Synagoge am Michelsberg Wiesbaden 1869. (Abbildung: Stadtarchiv Wiesbaden, F.-Nr. 003191)

Sple­ndor and mise­ry of the Star of David

Out­line of Wiesbaden’s Jewish history

In search of the lost names

The histo­ry of the rese­arch and archi­val work

Ever­y­thing recor­ded: Gesta­po file card of Dr. Dani­el Kahn-Hut.
(Illus­tra­ti­on: Jewish Com­mu­ni­ty Wies­ba­den
StadtA Wi NL 210 Nr. 1)

Pietätlose Straßenführung: die Hochbrücke am Michelsberg Wiesbaden 1994.

The way to the memorial

A clear sign

Com­me­mo­ra­ti­on in the urban space — con­cern and mission

Dr. Jacob Gutmark, Michelsberg Wiesbaden

Wolf­gang Nickel on the lay­ing of the foun­da­ti­on stone

Brought out of anony­mi­ty into the light

Dr. Jacob Gutmark, Michelsberg Wiesbaden

Dr. Jacob Gut­mark on the lay­ing of the foun­da­ti­on stone

Names are the link to the Almighty

All names with the addi­ti­ons from 2023

2023 names were added to the memo­ri­al at Michels­berg in Wiesbaden.
Detail Namenband Michelsberg Wiesbaden - Abbildung: Jüdische Gemeinde Wiesbaden, Fotograf: Igor Eisenschtat

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